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Nutrition Health Coach Training     

Our "Nutrition Health Coaching Training" is evidence-based nutrition health training, which mainly serves to the clients in China market. Our primary training is online courses with life teachers. Our supportive team in Beijing provides learning assistance, networking services and Career enhancement services in China.      

A Health Coach is a supportive mentor and nutrition expert who works with clients to help them improve their health through food and lifestyle changes.

Our program was initiated by multinational teams who have rich nutrition research, medical treatment and business development experiences. Currently our teachers are several Chinese medical professionals who work in Boston medical area, USA

Sample of Subjects of our programs:

1.         Introduction of terms and concepts on food, nutrition & health

2.         How to select and use Macronutrients,

3.         How to select and use Micronutrients

4.         The basics of detoxification

5.         Nutrition and body weight control

6.         How to select nutrition supplements and how to read labels on foods and nutrition supplements

7.         Nutrition and seniors

8.         Nutrition and cardiovascular / heart health

9.         Nutrition and bone - joint health

10.     Skills to practice active-listening and to take Health History consultation

11.     Career Development Skills for Nutrition Health Coach

12.     Marketing skills and resources for Nutrition Health Coach

13.     International professional learning and exchange resources for Nutrition Health Coach

International Nutrition professionals are invited to join or cooperate with us!

We are regularly looking for international nutrition professionals to join our team as our course instructors. You may work in your current home location and interact with us and our trainees through internet.  We also look for experienced health professionals to join our advisor committee.

Besides our Nutrition Health Coach Training, our center is a nutrition health knowledge exchange platform for health professionals in China and outside of China. Our operational office in China maintain close connection with health professionals in the universities, nutrition associations around China. For professionals worldwide, our platform offers that opportunities learn Chinese cultural and to do professional exchange with Chinese counterparts.

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