Genetic counseling is a young and fast growing professional in China.  Our center is not full-scale training providers in Genetic counseling.   Based upon our experiences in intercultural exchange activities, we foster communication and collaboration between genetic counseling professionals in China and their international counterparts.  Our program partners include top hospitals like Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH).  Many of our program advisors are leading professors in top medical schools cross China.  We also cooperate with genetic counseling professional organizations and educational institutes worldwide.


The Genetic counselling professionals we are serving in China include Genetic Counselors and university students in related fields.


What we do:

@ organizing seminars, workshop, conferences for genetic counselors in China

@ Job, Internship, residence training Placement services for genetic counselors in China and in other countries

@ Study-abroad consulting for Genetic Counseling related major students in China. 

@ Bilingual information publishing and Training online and on site for genetic counselling professionals


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HR Services for Genetic Counseling Professionals

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