Rehabilitation therapy is key focus of our health service project.That includes occupational therapy (OT), physicaltherapy (PT), speechtherapy (ST) and others. That reflects the widely social needs in China and all over the world, as well as the professional experiences of our center to conduct cross-cultural training and information exchange. Some forms of physicaltherapy, such as Acupuncture, oriental massage, has been widely used in ancient China.  Modern theory and methods of health rehabilitation therapy has been accepted and practiced in China recent years.  But there are still great potential to improve two-ways learning and professional exchange between China and other counties.


Over a decade, Global Exchange Center has been providing language training, Chinese traditional medicine and Chinese cultural training, summer tour and online training for trainees all over the world. In our health project, our center provides information exchange and distance learning platform cross language and cultural barrier.  In partners with top rehabilitation therapy centers and training institutes worldwide, our center focuses on providing effective online training for Chinese therapists and therapy assistants. 

Our Services:

For Rehab Therapy training providers worldwide:

       1. to promote your programs in our bilingual platform to Chinese audience

       2. to jointly organize online distance learning programs to Chinese trainees

       3. to provide study-abroad application assistance and consulting in China for your programs

       4. to search and screening institute partners for in China


For Rehab Therapy professionals outside China (Therapists, Therapist Assistants and students)

       1. to provide "Chinese traditionaltherapy and cultures"learning tours in China

       2. to provide job placements in rebah center, therapy clinics and international hospitals

       3. to place qualifies courses instructors to related learning programs in China, which include

           On-site learning programs and distance training program.


For Rehab Therapy professionals and organizations in China

       1. to provide bilingual industry research and updates for professionals in China

       2. to provide online training and study-abroad consulting in occupational therapy (OT),

           physical therapy (PT), speech therapy (ST) and others Rehab Therapy fields.

       3. to offer consulting and assistances to Rehab Therapy organizations in China for international       


康复交流培训 Exchange & Training For Rehab Therapists



Exchange & Training for Rehab Therapists

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