As a Beijing based center, we have focused on our operation around the capital of China before.  But this has been changed recently after we established our branch office in coastal city Yantai, in Shangdong province.   Shangdong is in southeast side of Beijing and it the second most populous province in China (only second to Guangdong) with estimated 96.8 million people in total.   Its GDP is ranked the third in all provinces in China.


Our operation partners there have been in training and study abroad consulting for many years.  It has intensive cooperation with many hospitals and nursing schools in whole provinces.  It has sent nursing students to Hungary before.


This year, our center will place extra emphasis on cross-countries nursing school collaboration project and it starts on our Shangdong province extension.  Besides more extension of our domestic nursing schools partners, we also look for new nursing school partners worldwide, for joint research, teaching exchange and students exchange activities. 




Nursing Education Collaboration in Shangdong Province

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