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Geriatric Nursing Training

Geriatric Nursing is the focus of our whole healthcare project.  It was to meet the future social needs, as well as to fill our own strategic goal.

As we all know, China to enter the "aging society" from the beginning of this century, and in the coming decades, Chinese society will be faster than most Western countries to accelerate the speed of aging. According to United Nations projections, 1990--2020 aging population increases at annual rate of 2.5% worldwide, while the rate of increase in China was 3.3%. The aging population among the total will rise from 6.6% in 1995 to 9.3% in 2020 worldwide, while same ratio in China rise from 6.1% to 11.5%.  So how to take care elder people become a more urgent social challenge in China.  And the elders have special physiological and psychological needs. Many developed countries that had entered aging society earlier, had done a lot of research and exploration on elder caring. Our goal is to enhance the “Geriatric Nursing” in China as well as other part of the world by promoting cross-countries exchange and collaborations.


 What We Do:

1. Information Exchange Platform: to provide Chinese-English bilingual “Geriatric Nursing” research and practice information exchange platform online and on site. We work with the nursing education schools in China as well as other countries and we publish information on this issues online and also organize seminars regularly.

2. Training on Geriatric Nursing:  cooperating with nursing schools that have “Geriatric Nursing” focused program in China and other countries, our center provides Chinese nurses and the elders caring institutes the training programs on a wide range of related topics, from Geropsychiatric to Medication Management, and more.

3. Global Geriatric Nursing database: to maintain an information database on research and events of geriatric nursing, qualifies nursing houses and the experts in the fields.  Our center gathered the information and conducts research on quality control and internal training for elder caring institutes in China.


Our center welcomes cooperation inquiries from any individual and institutes, so contact us directly if you are interested in it.

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