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About Us


Global Exchange Center is a China-based training and consulting center.  It currently has two operational functions:  (A) Global Health and Rehabilitation Therapy training and consulting; (B) Chinese Mandarin Language & Culture training for Non-Chinese speakers.


Global Exchange Center started in 1999 in Beijing as a study abroadconsulting agency to help Chinese students to find overseas study programs.  Its Chinese Mandarin Language & Culture training started in 2002 and it has been working with major study-abroad agencies worldwide since then.  It launched itsGlobal Health and Rehabilitation Therapy project in 2013.


This website is for the project of Global Health and Rehabilitation Therapy. It also has Chinese Mandarin Language & Culture training website.


Its’mission: to enhance professional practice and educational standard in Rehabilitation Therapy, Nutrition Health Coach, Registered Nursing training by promoting cross-countries educational exchange and communication.


The health fields it works in:

1. Rehab:  Global Exchange center focuses on training and career services for rehab therapists including Occupational Therapists (OT), Physical Therapists (PT), Speech Therapists (ST)Our center does not provide Rehabilitation therapy services to the patientsdirectly.

2. Nutrition Health Coaching:A Health Coach is a supportive mentor and nutrition expert who works with clients to help them improve their health through food and lifestyle changes. 

3. Nurse Training:  it includes Geriatric Nursing Training and study abroad preparation courses for Chinese nurses who intend to take Registered Nurse exams and work in other countries.


What we do:

1. Online and on-site Training:  Global Exchange Center provides training courses on the fields of occupational therapy (OT), physicaltherapy (PT), speech therapy (ST),Nutrition Health Coaching and Bilingual CGFNS and NCLEX-RN exam preparation courses. Some of the courses are run by its own instructors as well as some are offered jointly with its education partners worldwide.  In later case, the center focuses on courses promotions in China and after class tutoring. 

2. Staff Placement servicesand Career services in health profession:   Global Exchange center  recruits qualifies, especially overseas educated OT, PT, ST, Nutrition Coaches and place them in high-end health clinics, rehab centers,  specialized hospitals in China.  The center also provides study-abroad study and oversea career development consulting for Chinese health professionals, especially health major related graduate students. 

3. Publishing & Consulting:  the center serves wide range of health organizations in China and worldwide for their need to conduct cross counties professional exchange activities. The organizations include rehab centers, nursing houses, health and nutrition training institutes and health professional associations.  The center providesconsulting for the schools and educational institutes in China.  Its website and online magazine is an information platform for its partners and clients.  The center publishes industry news, research updates and in-deep analysis regularly.  

Chinese Mandarin Language & Culture trainingwebsite: www.glexchange.net

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